• 2D view of membrane potential. Black dots represent the vortex filaments.
  • Inductive power transfer
  • Simulating doctor blade coating process
  • 3D view of the membrane potential of the heart.
  • Postprocessing of an acoustic simulation with virtual reality

A core competence of the faculty is the mathematical modelling and simulation of physics-based issues within complex problems. Latest changes allow several professors to intensivy their research activities. As a result, three individual research groups are founded.

In terms of applications and methodology, the groups cover a broad field. For detailed information, please see the websites of the individual research groups.

Research groups

Green Energy

The research group's aim is the developement and improvement of green technologies. Numerical simulations are our method of choice, since they allow a deep insight and understanding of processes and phenomena. 


For further information, see the group's website.

Life Science

We use numerical and AI-based methods for our investigations within cardiological related issues.


For further information, see the group's website.