Certificate course in Media Counseling

The ways in which media is currently used and distributed is a controversial matter, not just when it comes to education. The dangers and risks of (excessive) media use are currently in the spotlight, particularly as regards social work. The wholesale rejection of media is ineffective, however, as practical experience shows that the use of media is firmly anchored in the lives of children, adolescents, adults, and now also many senior citizens. It is often also required by society: experience using digital technology and social media has long since become a key skill.

But media is more than just technology: Media influences business, politics, education, upbringing, culture, and our private lives – and beyond that, it shapes our individual perception and societal awareness. Media itself has become an important economic factor. Knowledge of the way media works, its diverse range of offerings, and basic knowledge of its use are basic requirements for professional practice in all areas of social work.

You can find further information in our folder on the academic certificate.