• Applied Chemistry – a diverse programme! (Photo: D. Hartfiel)
  • At the KinderUni, kids enthusiastically experiment and test (Photo: U. Keßler, KOM)
  • The Ohm-Days are focused on the theme “Detectives in the lab” - in the biotechnology and analytics labs (Photo: I. Horst, Biotech lab)

What is living on my skin? What can we find in our food? How can I make the best skin cream? Headache - make your own aspirin! Why does that have a colour - and how can I change it? These questions and many more are what chemists deal with all the time. And we always have sustainability and environmental safety in mind during our work. If you want to know more about our work and our labs, join us at one of our workshops or take part in a trial lecture to meet us and our students.

Programmes and events at the Faculty of Applied Chemistry

KinderUni - Chemistry for primary school pupils Workshops Grades 3-5
Ohm Days - Chemistry for secondary school pupils Workshops Grade 7 and above
Girl's Day - Natural Sciences for girls Workshops Grade 7 and above
Trial lectures - A glimpse at what studying with us is like Lectures prior to choosing a degree programme
Workshops at the AC Faculty - List of all AC workshops Workshops  specific to each workshop