The research and development work carried out in the MediaLab focuses on interactive installations, image processing, projection mapping, and virtual reality applications. Work in these areas is taking place through educational research projects and projects in the field of service learning.

Research areas:

    • Interactive installations/systems
    • Service learning
    • Virtual reality

      Research areas

      • Media and communication

      Completed educational research projects and service learning

      • Ohminteractive – An interactive installation on the occasion of the “Blaue Nacht Nürnberg” 2014
      • Use the force – Interactive exhibits for a museum FXpo, taking Star Wars as its example (3D tour)
      • Spotted – An interactive installation to mark the “Long Night of the Sciences” 2015
      • Space for me – Interactive exhibits on the subject of space (pseudo-hologram, simulation, virtual reality)
      • Forum - An interactive environment in the Deutsches Museum Nuremberg


      • City of Nuremberg

      Laboratory management

      Other staff

      • Daniel Baer, B.Eng.
      • Johannes Brendel, Dipl.-Ing. (FH)