• Audi Autonomous Driving Cup
  • Formula Student: NoRa5
  • Problem analysis in the RoboCup
  • RoboCup: Rescue robot

Within the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Precision Engineering, Information Technology (efi), research is embedded within the curriculum.

Various training research projects within the Faculty provide students with the opportunity to develop or strengthen their professional skills and competences alongside or as an integral part of their degree programme. Here are a few examples:

  • <link fakultaeten efi forschung forschungsaktive-labore mobile-robotik robocup-rescue>RoboCup Rescue (German page)
  • <link fakultaeten efi forschung forschungsaktive-labore mobile-robotik audi-autonomous-driving-cup>Audi Autonomous Driving Cup (German page)
  • Formula Student. In this international construction competition, each team of students taking part builds a single-seater electrically powered formula racing car. This allows students to put into practice and expand the specialist knowledge gained during their degree programme. At the same time, they are able to gain insights into various aspects of a professional nature, such as project-planning, organization, interdisciplinary teamwork, etc. Once they have constructed their vehicle, the teams of students then fight it out against teams from all over the world. A jury made up of representatives from the automobile industry and the motor sport sector then evaluates the student-built cars, taking various criteria from eight disciplines into account. The winning team is the one that obtains the highest total number of points, not the team with the fastest car. And the great thing about this is: in collaboration with “Strohm + Söhne e.V.”, there is an opportunity to have active participation in the Formula Student competition credited as a required elective in the BEI degree programme! Details about how this can be achieved are available here. Details of current topics and contacts can be found here.