Research areas:

  • Packaging and connection technology in electronics (soldering, conductive bonding, wire bonding)
  • Printed electronics, electrical functionalization of dielectric materials (printed conductor structures, printed sensors, printed TEGs, or similar)
  • Six Sigma
  • Statistical design of experiments (DoE) in electronics production

Research areas

The production of electronic assemblies, systems, and devices has developed into a key technology for almost all product areas. Electronic packaging is the heart of every electronic application. The technologies involved in electronic packaging connect the individual electronic components on the circuit carriers, protect them from vibration or moisture, and reliably dissipate heat. In this way, electronic packaging ensures that electronics function reliably even under the most adverse environmental conditions.

Equipment/measurement methods relevant to practical settings

  • Inkjet printer for functional inks, screen printer for pasty media, jet dispenser for medium-viscosity media
  • Stencil printer, screen printer, manual and semi-automatic placement system, condensation reflow system, wetting balance, adjustment laser, curing oven, semi-automatic thin wire bonder, fully automatic thick wire bonder, pull and shear tester
  • Stereomicroscopes with image processing, NanoFocus laser profilometer
  • Tensile testing machine (up to 1000N)