Research areas:

  • Location and cartography algorithms
  • Exploration strategies
  • Robust multi-robot control architectures
  • Exploration systems for rescue missions and disaster control

Research areas

  • Automation and production technology
  • Health

Current research projects

Completed research projects

  • FLAIR - Development of an airborne test system to assess installed photovoltaics with infrared thermography, ZIM network
  • Libra3D - Weight estimation of patients in the emergency department using optical sensors, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, BMBF

Educational research

Experimental research from Children’s UNI to doctorate


In cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, the mobile robotics laboratory successfully participates in various competitions (RoboCup Rescue, RoboCup@work, and Audi Autonomous Driving Cup). Given the multifaceted problems that arise in the fields of mechanics, actuator technology, sensor technology, and data processing, interdisciplinary collaborations provide optimum solutions through advantageous synergies to achieve mobility and autonomy in our robot systems.

Laboratory management

Research associates

The research and development work carried out in the mobile robotics laboratory focuses on algorithms for implementing autonomous functionality. Educational research projects, research projects. and tasks conducted as part of contract research are carried out in this area.