The research and development work carried out in the Medical electronics and measurement technology laboratory focuses on medical sensor technology, wireless energy, and data transmission via RFID or radio technologies, wearables for recording vital parameters, and technical support for disabled and elderly people in their daily lives. Educational research projects, nationwide research projects, and tasks conducted as part of contract research are carried out in these areas.

Research areas:

  • Medical engineering
  • RFID and radio technologies

Research areas

    • Health

    Current research projects

    • Therapy software for the application of eccentric viewing training for people with central scotoma
    • Mobile device-supported communication system for artificially ventilated patients       
    • Water lifesaver: “Wearable” used to prevent bathing accidents/drowning      
    • RayGuard: Wearable X-ray exposure biofeedback system for surgeons      


    Laboratory management

    Prof. Thomas Giesler