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The Software engineering laboratory runs educational research projects, nationwide research projects, and tasks as part of contract research on various areas of this discipline.

Research areas:

  • High performance computing
  • Development of (educational) software for people with cognitive, mobility, and sensory impairments

Research areas

  • Automation and production technology
  • Health
  • Traffic, logistics, and mobility

Current research projects

    • Combinatorial algorithms and discrete algebraic structures - Prof. Jörg Arndt
    • Space-filling curves on uniform grids - Prof. Jörg Arndt
    • Low-level and seminumerical algorithms - Prof. Jörg Arndt
    • Fast orthogonal transformations and high-precision arithmetic - Prof. Jörg Arndt
    • genesis - Prof. Helmut Herold
    • genesis VisionTest - A concept for a comprehensive screening device to prevent amblyopia with children from the ages two to six - Prof. Helmut Herold
    • genesis DeTaMaks - Promoting and maintaining everyday practical skills in people with mild or moderate cognitive impairment (in cooperation with the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg Psychiatric University Hospital) - Prof. Helmut Herold
    • genesis reading course - Exercises for children, adolescents, and young adults (in cooperation with the Faculty of Education for those with Mental Disability and Behavioural Disorders of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich) - Prof. Helmut Herold
    • Dwell-coherent detector for non-equidistant radar signals - Prof. Thomas Mahr
    • Deep neural networks - Prof. Thomas Mahr
    • Radar signal processing - Prof. Thomas Mahr