The research and development work carried out in Technical optics laboratory focuses on optical systems for applications in lighting and medical engineering, and in visual and automated imaging.  The goal is a deep and comprehensive understanding of systems and applications. We carry out educational research projects, funded research projects, and industrial contracts in the fields mentioned above. As part of its work with the public, the laboratory participates in various activities such as “Long Night of the Sciences” and “Children’s UNI”.

Research areas:

    • Long-range optics
    • Light and radiation measurement technology, laser and radiation safety, LED lighting technology
    • Optical systems for medical engineering and ophthalmology

      Research areas

      • Health
      • Future cities and buildings

      Current research projects

        • OCT-push – Optical coherence tomography with enhanced resolution
        • Light mixture in adaptive lighting systems with changeable radiation characteristics
        • Benchmark analysis of commercially available LED lights
        • Testing of solar viewers

          Contract research projects from the industrial world

          • Testing of binoculars, rifle scopes, and telescopes in line with DIN ISO 14133
          • Testing of imaging optics with wavefront sensor
          • Measurement of the modulation transfer function of imaging optics
          • Testing of reading aids in accordance with standards
          • Photometric testing of lamps and luminaires in accordance with standards
          • Calibration measurements of optical radiation measurement devices in accordance with standards
          • Measurement of absolute calibrated spectra of optical radiation sources, including in the IR and UV range, as well as flash lamps
          • Evaluation of optical radiation in accordance with TROS
          • Testing and evaluation of eye protection lenses and protective films
          • Measurement of optical material properties such as refractive index, reflectance, transmittance according to standard
          • Testing of a wide range of consumer optics in line with customer requirements

          Laboratory management

          Prof. Wolfgang Mönch

          Laboratory Engineer

          Gerhard Reus (Dipl.-Ing. (FH))