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Prof. Sebastian Walter

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The research and development work conducted in the mechatronic components laboratory focuses on applications of measurement, sensor, and actuator technology. Educational research projects, publicly funded projects, and tasks conducted as part of contract research are carried out in this area.

Research areas:

  • Mechatronic systems for <link fakultaeten efi forschung forschungsfelder verkehr-logistik-und-mobilitaet internal link in current>health and motion analysis
  • Recording measurement data in remote regions

Research areas

  • Health

Current research projects

  • Development of a device to measure muscle tone in the quadriceps extensor (2014, funded as a preliminary research project at Nuremberg Tech)

Contract research projects from the industrial world

  • Design and prototype realization of a device for generating alternating fields for magnetic field therapy (2014)
  • Design and prototype development of a device for automated application of deep oscillation in the lumbar spine (2016)

Educational research

In order to allow students to participate in quality scientific work and concrete research and development projects (with cooperation partners) from an early stage, the university also organizes educational research projects. These projects aim to develop scientific skills and focus on and create a link between the practical and theoretical sides of the scientific knowledge process.


  • Time-resolved investigation into the fall load of a mountaineering carabiner to improve standard testing (2015, funded)
  • Lowcost Antarctic Sensor Network - measurement data recording in remote glacier regions (S. Fischer, 2015, collaboration with Prof. M. Braun, Institute of Geography, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg)  
  • Satellite-based measurement data recording in remote regions (winter semester 16/17)
  • Portable sensor technology for health and motion analysis (winter semester 16/17)