Eine virtuelle Erfahrungsreise durch den grafischen Raum. Bachelorarbeit von Paul Leyendecker und Markus Sauerbeck im Wintersemester 2014/15

Good interaction design makes communication with, and the use of, technical artefacts appropriate for humans and opens up new, broadened horizons of perception, experience, and meaning. Interaction design is an important factor in both current and future everyday culture.

Our lives are increasingly being played out digitally: on the web, social networks, apps, and programs. People seek information, shop, read, view, and listen digitally, and almost always interactively.

Interaction design refers to all possible (and impossible) communicative interactions among people, for which information technology is needed.

The training provided by Nuremberg Tech’s Faculty of Design certainly takes this development into account. In the Interaction Design module, the basics, methods, techniques, and applications of communication using digital media are taught and developed to a high level of conceptual and execution expertise.

Since the beginning of 2015, we have been increasing our focus on the field of virtual reality. We explore the design possibilities, functions, benefits, and aesthetics of this new medium.

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