Acryl-Malerei eines vietnamesischen Mädchens zwischen Palmenblättern
TamCam – ein vietnamesisches Märchen, illustriert von Ai Nhu Vo

Illustration is an independent, applied art form that visually conveys a context to a target group. In doing so, an illustrator not only reflects reality, they also present a new, personal view of a subject to the world.

Illustrations appear in print media, advertising, digital and interactive media, animations, and 3D films, and are also used by publishers in picture books, non-fiction, and graphic novels. The field of illustration and its possibilities for expression are as varied and diverse as the illustrators who create these visual worlds.

The Illustration module aims to impart the technical and intellectual basics of illustration, while at the same time providing a platform that allows students to find their personal visual language. Whether the work is simple or detailed, more or less expressive, digital or analogue, the aim is to discover the personal content in one’s own work and to use it to communicate in a targeted manner.

Nowadays, illustrators need to be educated, socially and culturally aware communicators. They need to utilize a breadth of intellectual and practical skills

Alan Male

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