Uncharted territory – a cast is a communication via the internet that uses film and sound – podcasts, vodcasts, etc. When it comes to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and the like, terms like film, script, TV series, and plot feel rather outdated. But these terms have a role to play – especially when it comes to success stories like viral video and infotainment. Well-designed internet videos are landmarks in an area where many are on the move, but where claims and benefits are redistributed weekly and monthly.

There is more to internet videos than just cats, owls, or shaky mobile phone footage of a mishap. Well-designed videos appeal to people – like a good conversation. And sometimes viewers even respond – with a thumbs up, a comment, or...

Study concept

Statistics, trends, emotions, attention.

YouTube has been the subject of much discussion since 2005. Not always based on hard and verifiable facts. But, if nothing else, under the rarely expressed premise that this website and the phenomenon of internet videos are here to stay.

If videos are produced specifically for the internet, the rules of film and television only apply to a limited extent. The medium is even developing its own language – and cast is one of the new terms.

In the “Audio-Visual Communication” module, or Cast for short, students make statements in a new and fresh way through the medium of podcasts and videos. Casts must be authentic, they can be entertaining, but they should never be boring or a carbon copy of something familiar.

These new narrative forms can be used for many purposes, such as for personal campaigns, to provide an alternative view of a company or as a documentary review.

“The internet thrives on dialogue, but is lagging behind somewhat when it comes to videos: as a viewer, your only options are to respond by typing in text or by giving a virtual thumbs up or thumbs down. Nevertheless, we look forward to your comments and suggestions.”

http://youtube.com/ohmcast and http://soundcloud.com/ohmcast

The concept of these productions is based on drama or storytelling and slowly bringing the audience in closer.

  • A video for a fictional person (design persona) during the 2nd semester
  • An internet documentary during the 3rd semester, which is of interest to viewers, external partners and persons already familiar with the subject-matter of the documentary
  • A viral video during the 4th semester, which is to do the rounds in the shortest possible time – among friends, relatives, and anyone else who learns about the video through a small campaign
  • Expertise, storytelling, and authenticity for a self-selected audience are required during the 6th semester, when the story in the video will convey hard facts in the form of statistics (“Data Visualization”)

A cast is an experiment that deliberately plays with the medium of film. But the stage is the internet...

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