„Memories“ Fotografie von Nadine Hackemer, auf der Shortlist des Student Focus Awards der World Photography Organisation 2017

Photographing ≠ taking pictures
Photography ≠ picture

For this degree programme, it means working with a medium = photographing and then examining the results of a medium = photography.

Both are closely linked to the dimension of vision and range from the illustrative character of what is perceived and interpreted by individuals, of recording things for others, to the transformation of image quality. The interpretation of the situation, the reality, the search before recording, the shot paves the way from photographs to photographed images.

Discussing image quality requires knowledge of the evaluation criteria.

As you would expect, the study concept begins with the media-related, specific perception processes and addresses the perception process by means of targeted topics. By closely observing objectives set externally, the examination of the personal creative process will ideally bring about an independent and idiosyncratic visual language.

We actively avoid division into photographic sub-areas such as Architecture/Industrial, Fashion/Beauty, Food, Journalism/Reportage, People, Stills, Transportation, Travel/Landscape (= current headings in the BFF Yearbook) in favour of individual project management in the later course of study.

The photography subject area is currently supervised by lecturers under the direction of Prof. Jostmeier.

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