Nue Jazz Festival Nürnberg, Corporate Design, vom Logo bis zur Eintrittskarte, von Philipp Dittmar

Visual information must inspire and communicate. Imaginative, fascinating, creative, and challenging, but also humorous, provocative, contemporary, original, distinctive, innovative, poetic, emotional, etc.

These key requirements can be met with discipline and attitude and with intuition and power of thought, while also taking account of form and function and of purpose and economy

The aim of the course is to train students to perform work equally well, whether it be artistic or creative, practical or theoretical. A broad field of graphic design is to be developed with content and formal networking via the conception, design, and creation of various media such as books, magazines, posters, packaging, calendars, etc., as well as the development of picture and word marks, pictograms, and guidance systems as part of a corporate design.

Important: Team motivation – development of a personal style with a sense of responsibility for society and the environment.

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