Studying Process Engineering and Energy Process Engineering

The Faculty of Process Engineering offers two bachelor’s degree programmes and one master’s degree programme in the field of Process Engineering and Energy Process Engineering. Within those programmes, students are able to make certain choices of specialization:

Bachelor’s degree programmes

Process Engineering with 3 specializations

  • General Process Engineering
  • Bioprocess Engineering
  • Computer-Aided Process Engineering

Energy Process Engineering

    Master’s degree programme

    Chemical Process Engineering and Process Technology with 2 specializations

    • Chemical Process Engineering and Process Technology
    • Energy Process Engineering

    Engineers in the field of process engineering are concerned with the manufacturing of everyday products, such as food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, building materials, raw materials for the generation of energy, plastics, etc. They plan, calculate, construct, and operate facilities that convert raw materials into the desired products. One example of material conversion is the extraction of crystalline household sugar, which is produced from sugar beet by means of several mechanical and thermal processing steps.

    In the field of energy process engineering, the focus lies on energy conversion processes, such as the ones taking place in power stations for the generation of electricity or heat or for energy storage, as well as on subsequent process steps, such as waste gas post-treatment in power stations.

    During their studies, the students internalize the principles and procedures that form part of material conversion processes and acquire knowledge of interdisciplinary subjects, such as project management or legal frameworks, and of advanced subjects, such as hydrogen technologies. This occasionally demanding degree programme also incorporates computer-based methods, such as programming in Fortran and a wide range of practical laboratory sessions and excursions that provide an insight into processes that have been implemented on an industrial scale.