I.C.S. International Co-operative Studies

From university straight into a job:
with corporate funding in the dual I.C.S. funding model

In cooperation with the friends association I.C.S. and well-known companies, the Faculty of Process Engineering at the Nuremberg Institute of Technology is implementing an innovative model for the hands-on funding of highly qualified students.

What is the programme’s target group?

Prerequisites for applicants are above-average examination results in the first three semesters and obtaining a degree within the standard period of study. Those who meet the criteria are nominated for the programme by the Faculty at the beginning of the 4th semester and can then apply for one of the attractive funding agreements with a partner company of the I.C.S.

How does the I.C.S. funding model work?

A very hands-on (‘dual’) second half of the degree programme – including financial support from the company – serves to optimally prepare students for their entry into professional life. During their final three semesters, the sponsored students gain valuable practical experience with their future employer while completing their degree and become very familiar with professional fields of application.

  • Target group: above-average students, nominated by the Faculty
  • Selection date: after the first three semesters at the earliest
  • Funding period: over the final three semesters
  • Funding agreement between company and student:
    monthly funding of EUR 750-850, including during the theoretical semesters
  • Interweaving theory and practice:
    lectures during the semester cycle, practical experience during the semester break
  • Smooth transition from study to work
  • Professional service and support for scholarship holders and companies by the I.C.S.


Numerous partners from the business community participate in the funding model. Each year they offer a certain number of funding agreements for nominated students.
The current funding company at the Faculty of Process Engineering is:

- Riedhammer GmbH

Successful start to the I.C.S funding model.         

The intention is to expand the model by adding further partner companies.


The I.C.S. students and companies are directly available for discussions and questions about the funding model.

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You can find all up-to-date information on the I.C.S. website www.ics-ev.de