Laboratory for PA


The following courses take place in the Process automation laboratory.

  • Measurement technology placement (bachelor’s degree)
  • Control engineering placement (bachelor’s degree)
  • Process systems engineering placement (bachelor’s degree)
  • Process automation module (master’s degree)

In the Process automation laboratory, the following systems and experimental setups are used for demonstration purposes and application-oriented research.

  • Festo Compact system with controlled systems for pressure, level, temperature, and flow
  • Controlled system for cascade control with split-range control device
  • Pressure control system with several pressure vessels
  • Air flow control system with alternative control options via speed or throttling
  • GUNT test rig usable in combination for level and flow measurement and control
  • GUNT pneumatic test rig (with extensive sensor and actuator technology)
  • Control equipment (various compact controllers, Schneider Automation PLC, Siemens PLC, Soft PLC with port (Fest0), Soft PLC with LabView)
  • 3 simulation boards with controlled systems for PLC
  • several I/O boards for PLC (analogue/binary)
  • Analogue simulator (ISEDD)
  • Software
    • Concept (for Schneider PLC)
    • Simatic (for Siemens PLC)
    • BORIS (simulation of impact plans)
    • Matlab Simulink
    • FluidSIM 4.0 Pneumatics
  • Process measuring equipment
    • various thermometers
    • Pressure and differential pressure measuring devices
    • Level measuring equipment (bubbling-through measurement, ultrasonic, capacity)
    • Flow measurement (vortex meter, standard orifice plates, magnetic flow measurement, variable area flowmeter, gyroscopic flow measurement)
  • Test rigs for process measuring equipment (pressure balance, thermostatic baths, flow test equipment)
  • Electrical measuring equipment
    • various digital multimeters
    • Documentation process calibrator (3 x) incl. software
    • Oscilloscope
    • various plotters

Final theses are currently carried out in the Process automation laboratory; in future there will also be application-oriented research with third party-funded projects or cooperation with industrial companies.

W at Wassertorstraße
Room WD.208a