Laboratory for CAE


The following courses take place in the computer rooms of the Faculty of Process Engineering:

  • Computer-aided calculation methods (bachelor’s degree)
  • Introduction to CAD (bachelor’s degree)
  • Creation of process engineering flowcharts (bachelor’s degree)
  • Technical and scientific programming (bachelor’s degree)
  • Process simulation (bachelor’s degree)
  • Modelling (bachelor’s degree)
  • Planning and calculation of energy process engineering plants (bachelor’s degree)
  • Apparatus design (bachelor’s degree)
  • Finite element method (bachelor’s degree)
  • Computational fluid dynamics (bachelor’s degree)
  • Apparatus dynamics (master’s degree)
  • Flow simulation (master’s degree)

    The Computer-aided engineering laboratory is used for the completion of final theses and R&D projects in the following areas.

      • CFD simulation of process and energy engineering flow processes

      • 3D planning/modelling/printing of process and energy engineering plants





      W at Wassertorstraße
      Room WE.203


      • powerful desktop PCs
      • powerful simulation PCs
      • projectors
      • DIN A0 plotter
      • DIN A0 scanner
      • 3D printer using the manufacturing process “FDM” (fused deposition modelling)


      • MATLAB + Simulink (numerical calculations, visualization, programming, simulation)
      • Star CCM+ (CFD)
      • Ansys (CFD)
      • Aspen (process simulation)
      • Ebsilon (simulation of power plant processes)
      • NI LabView (system design software)
      • Siemens NX (CAE)
      • AVEVA PDMS (2D/3D plant design)
      • DIMy (dimensioning of pressure equipment)