Laboratory for TPE


The following courses take place in the Process automation laboratory.

  • Thermal process engineering I placement (bachelor’s degree)
  • Thermal process engineering II placement (bachelor’s degree)
  • Thermal separation technology placement (bachelor’s degree)
  • Various practicals on fluid dynamics and control engineering (bachelor’s degree)

In the Thermal process engineering laboratory, the following systems and experimental setups are used for demonstration purposes and application-oriented research:

  • continuous rectification plant (plate column DN 100 with 36 plates)
  • continuous rectification plant for vacuum rectification (packing column DN100)
  • natural circulation evaporator (single stage evaporation)
  • forced circulation evaporator (evaporation of salt solutions)
  • spray drying plant
  • three-stage mixer-settler system
  • sieve plate column DN100 for absorption
  • stripping column for desorption
  • pulsation column DN100 for continuous solvent extraction
  • columns for determining pressure loss in packings/packed beds
  • pumping system for the investigation of pressure loss coefficients of various pipe sections and installations
  • Siemens process control system (PCS 7) for control and visualization of the plants mentioned above
  • chamber dryers
  • batch rectification plant (DN80 with packed bed)
  • batch rectification plant (DN80 with 11 plates)
  • falling film evaporator plant
  • crystallization plant
  • phase equilibrium apparatus for measuring VLE data
  • gas chromatographs
  • various analysis instruments (refractometer, etc.)
  • high-speed steam generator for supplying the laboratory systems with process steam at 3 bar, 6 bar, and 16 bar

In the Thermal process engineering laboratory, final theses and application-oriented research with third party-funded projects or cooperation with industrial companies take place.

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