In the fluid conveyance systems laboratory, different process components are tested and evaluated for their system behaviour within a measuring section for centrifugal pump systems. The measured values recorded on the real system are used for the comparison and verification of the digital plant models. This results in innovative control strategies.


  • Determining control variables for individual pump systems
  • Modelling hydraulic process components (valves, butterfly valves etc.) for the development of soft sensor technology
  • One-dimensional system modelling using common simulation software
  • Research work on fluid conveyance

Test bench for centrifugal pump systems (at the NCT)

At the NCT, a fully instrumented test bench enables the verification of advanced models, as well as direct tests of control algorithms. The flexibility of the test bench allows for a simple modification in order to be able to reproduce a multitude of different systems. In addition, the fast sensor technology and a high sampling rate ensure explicit recording of the section behaviour.

Centrifugal pump test bench (at Kesslerplatz)

The development of control algorithms requires models which can represent the transient and also the stationary behaviour of pumps and pipe systems. The existing infrastructure at Kesslerplatz can be used for this purpose. In the turbo engine laboratory, there is a centrifugal pump test bench which is very suitable for dynamic tests on the grounds of its long pipe geometry. The acceleration behaviour of fluid columns through centrifugal pumps can also be examined here.