Starting point

The municipalities regularly procure various products in order to provide public services of general interest. These also include goods which are often produced in a way that seriously violates human rights and labour laws. The public sector therefore has specific possibilities of implementing changes in the interests of sustainable and globally responsible economic activity.

In the context of receiving the Fairtrade Region award, the local authorities of the metropolitan region have set themselves the goal of expanding fair and sustainable municipal procurement. At the beginning of the year, the Fair Development Agency of the Metropolitan Region of Nuremberg was set up, which accompanies the municipalities in this region on this path in close cooperation with the initiative or steering committee.


We are supporting the evaluation of a survey of the municipalities of the Nuremberg metropolitan region with regard to an inventory of procurement practice, in order to be able to guarantee needs-oriented support services in future. This investigation also explores to what extent sustainability topics, such as the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations, are known about and relevant in the municipalities.