Building simulation, taking account of natural ventilation

Linking powerful simulation programs together makes it possible to draw conclusions regarding room currents resulting from the effects of the temperature and wind, whilst at the same time taking into account the room temperatures and heat flows inside the building.

The results from the simulation are based, amongst other things, on the following:

  • A calculation of the wind pressure, i.e. the cp values
  • A definition of all flows and resistances
  • The geometry of the room and/or building
  • Internal loads
  • Climate data (test reference year)

These calculation models offer an ideal approach when evaluating the limits of natural ventilation and double façades.

Wind flow around buildings
Wind flow around buildings

Geothermal heating and cooling

By utilizing the cooling and heating potential of the ground, it is possible to guarantee a very good degree of interior comfort while consuming very little energy.

The energetic potential that exists in the ground can essentially be utilized using the following technologies:

  • Downhole heat exchangers
  • Ground absorbers
  • Thermo-active piles
  • Energy probes
Geothermics - earth stakes
Geothermics - earth stakes

Smart planning and energy concepts

Smart planning helps reduce costs. The life-cycle costs of a building are dominated by the costs incurred while the building is in use.

During the design stage of a building, important parameters affecting future energy consumption are set, which subsequently go on to determine the operating costs.

Influencing factors include:

  • The structure of the building
  • The design of the façade
  • The type of technology deployed
  • The energy concept

Amongst other things, the Institute for Energy and Building aims to design and construct solar-optimized buildings that require minimal energy.

By means of its consultancy services in the area of “Energy and cost analysis of planning concepts in commercial buildings”, the institute is able to analyze and optimize the building and the facility technology right from an early stage.

The Institute for Energy and Building is happy to support interested parties at the design stage and to provide consultancy for pilot projects.

Energy and cost analysis
Energy and cost analysis