The research partnership FORENERGY “The energy-flexible factory”

FORENERGY – Developing measures to avoid peak loads in technical systems and to facilitate flexible energy uptake using smart control strategies

Project duration:  Up to the end of August 2015

The decision by Germany’s Federal government to phase out the country’s nuclear power stations is affecting the energy available in the future, which means that making smart use of our energy supply is becoming even more important.

What is more, the increasing cost of electricity will be kept in check by investing in the expansion of renewable energies and gas-fired power stations, and by changes to capacity provision within the electricity network.

The aims are to provide innovative solutions in response to the challenges posed by the energy transition, in the form of an energy-flexible factory:

  • to reduce energy consumption and to equalize peak loads experienced by generating companies
  • to synchronize energy supply and demand by production planning and control
  • to enable short-term load-shifting by generating companies, to stabilize electricity networks

Sustainably enhancing the energy efficiency of laundry businesses

A holistic energy analysis of a laundry business as a potential solution to enable process-integrated energy saving as a means of increasing the energy-efficiency of laundry businesses in a sustainable way

Project duration: November 2011 to July 2015

  • Measuring flows of energy and media in laundry businesses
  • Drawing up an energy balance sheet for those businesses
  • Analyzing and optimizing the laundry businesses
  • Carrying out follow-up measurements once improvements have been implemented
  • Developing a calculation tool enabling analyses of laundry businesses to be carried out quickly

Funding by: Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt [German Federal Environmental Foundation]