PRIMERO – PRIMaryEneRgy Optimisation

Project duration: 36 months

  • A simulation program for architects to determine the primary energy needs for heating, hot water, ventilation, cooling, and electricity for artificial light in buildings
  • Developing the simulation programs PRIMERO Summer and PRIMERO Cooling.
  • The PRIMERO Summer module makes a more detailed comfort analysis of the heat insulation in the summer possible, based on a dynamic simulation using hourly weather data.
  • Based on the EnergyPlus programme

Funding by: Rud.Otto Meyer-Umwelt-Stiftung [Environmental Foundation]


HYDsolve – A contribution towards solving hydraulic problems in plants to enable regenerative production of heat and cold

Project duration: 24 months

  • Developing a guide to network hydraulics
  • Programming a simulation program for hydraulic optimisation

 Funding by: Rud.Otto Meyer-Umwelt-Stiftung [Environmental Foundation]