The shift to renewable energies and digitalisation are changing our energy systems in all sectors. The Distributed Energy Conversion and Storage Group (ENE) shape and supports the transformation with applied research on innovative thermal management and waste heat recovery systems, fuel cells, and battery systems for the stationary and mobile sector.

The group's goals focus on technological optimisation by increasing both the energy efficiency and service life of the systems in the application.

The Distributed Energy Conversion and Storage Group deals with the methods of modelling and simulation in combination with advanced, highly automated testing methods. The group has test rigs available for the testing of refrigeration systems, heat exchangers, waste heat recovery systems, components in fuel cell systems, and battery cells and systems.

Our research approaches and facilities are located in close proximity to the respective applications. Our research work is characterised by practical relevance, which is why we work closely with companies and other research institutions.

The clear application orientation also characterises our teaching; the research group is closely linked to the Master of Applied Research in Engineering Sciences (M-APR) programme. Approximately 20 project and final theses are produced in ENE laboratories each year, current research content is incorporated in curricula in three Faculties.

Frank Opferkuch Frank Opferkuch
Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Florian Raab Florian Raab
Bastian Werner Bastian Werner
Timur Issayenko Timur Issayenko
Jonathan Brendle-Behnisch Jonathan Brendle-Behnisch
Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
Johannes Beierlieb Johannes Beierlieb
Manuel Lederer Manuel Lederer
Given name Family name Topic
Bastian Werner PEM fuel cell systems, thermal management
Florian  Raab Waste heat utilisation
Paul Hüsgen Battery systems
Timur Issayenko Battery systems