The research group contributes its expertise to the issues arising in the electrical field of fuel cell systems. Particularly noteworthy are the many years of development and research work in the field of electrical drive technology and the associated testing and validation capabilities that have been built up at the ELSYS Institute and are contributed to this research group. For the operation of fuel cell systems, air compressors with very high-speed electric drives with speeds above 100,000 1/min are required. These high speeds and the applications, such as in trucks, result in new requirements for the high-speed motor to meet the criteria of highest efficiency, mechanical strength, NVH (noise vibration harshness) and long life, especially of the rotor bearing system. Analytical design approaches and 2D and 3D FEM tools are developed and used for the calculation of high speed electrical machines. The NVH behaviour is investigated with state-of-the-art 1D and 3D laser scanning vibrometers. For loss modelling, appropriate B-H measuring test benches up to high magnetization frequencies are available for soft magnetic materials. Efficiency and energy efficiency measurements on electrical machines are carried out on drive test benches with high-precision power measurement over a wide power range. The use of new control methods is developed and tested on a model based method on the high-performance and real-time controller platform UltraZohm with automatic code generation from Matlab/Simulink (in the sense of "rapid control prototyping").

Armin Dietz Armin Dietz
Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Martin Regnet Martin Regnet
Tobias Schindler Tobias Schindler
Timo Wilfling Timo Wilfling
Given name Family name Topic
Martin Regnet Ferromagnetic materials: characterisation and modelling of loss mechanisms (iron losses)
Tobias Schindler Design of embedded control systems, control algorithm for UltraZohm
Timo Wilfling Electric motor design and drive simulation