The H2Ohm is a research and teaching institution with a thematic focus on applied research on electrochemical and thermochemical energy systems along the value chain of hydrogen and hydrogen-containing substances as energy sources.

H2Ohm’s goals:

  • Establishing a regional and national scientific institution in business, science, and society that contributes to the development and application of new components and systems in energy technology using methods of interdisciplinary applied research
  • Development of an infrastructure for sophisticated research on electrochemical and thermochemical energy systems
  • Pursuing funded research projects together with project partners from industry and other research institutions, as well as contract research to address scientific issues
  • Active collaboration with the participating Faculties in teaching and with the Ohm Professional School in the conception and implementation of advanced training courses in the field of hydrogen
  • Advancing young researchers

Our mission

  1. We are focussed on hydrogen technologies along the whole value chain from generation, storage, and transport to conversion.
  2. We combine expertise in the fields of materials, components, single cells, short stacks, periphery, and complete energy systems.
  3. Our research is collaborative, interdisciplinary, and solution-oriented.
  1. Oriented to industrial demand
  2. Focussed on current and up-coming state-of-the-art technology
  3. International
  4. Master of Applied Research (M-APR) programme
  5. Doctoral studies
  1. Regional engagement / local scientific partner for the energy transformation in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region
  2. Knowledge and technology transfer to small, medium, and large companies as well as to societal partners via joint research projects, public activities, and student exchange
  3. Advanced training courses for industry and society