Prof. Bikas’s research group is working on:

  1. H2 mixture preparation:
    1. Experimental studies in an optically accessible chamber for the purpose of characterising H2 injectors. Optical measurements (streaks, DBI) on jet dispersion.
    2. Phenomenological model (real-time capable) for lambda distribution in the combustion chamber as a function of jet dynamics (injector geometry, injection pressure, combustion chamber pressure, combustion chamber temperature).
  2. Lambda control by higher accuracy in the air path:
    1. Measurement technology for recording the air path dynamics in the kHz range
    2. Patented dosing system in the air path
  3. Revolutionary H2 motor-generator concept (single-unit = integrated in the same housing, low vibration, compact, light, low cost)
  4. Modelling of the FC system in Matlab for the purpose of developing control strategies


Supplementary text to the individual points:

1a) The jet dispersion is recorded temporally and spatially using images from a high-speed camera or a CCD camera and analysed using algorithms developed in-house. Macroscopic, characteristic spray properties are determined from the image data - such as penetration depth, spray circumference, spray area, circularity, and optical density. 3-dimensional models further enhance the analysis of the stream interaction.

1b) The model describes the mixture preparation of a single jet. This enables the description of the entrainment (mass flow of ambient gas into the jet base) and the temporal and spatial dispersion of the jet. The interaction with the ambient medium plays a decisive role and influences the discharge and development of the jet depending on the parameters listed (injector geometry, injection pressure, combustion chamber pressure, combustion chamber temperature).

2a) Unique sensors based on the dynamic pressure principle enable the resolution of extremely fast-flow phenomena under real operating conditions, for the first time. This, in turn, enables the development of real-time capable models and the use of self-learning algorithms for the calibration of the dosing system.

2b) A dosing system, for which a European patent has been applied, promises lower losses in the changeable range and quick responsiveness.

3) An animation of the concept can be viewed at For more information, please see the following publication:
Bekking, P., Puts, G., Spiller, M., and Bikas, G., “The Be-Rex Engine-Generator: A revolutionary two-stroke, lightweight and cost-efficient singular unit” approved for publication SAE 2023-01-0399.

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Peter Weigand Peter Weigand
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Peter Weigand Physical modelling, spray characterisation
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Marius Jochem Engine testing with ammonia as fuel
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