Did you know that two thirds of all technical innovations are based on material developments? Would you also have thought that materials are an essential key to finding a way out of the climate crisis? If you would like to actively work on such innovative materials for our future, the Applied Materials Science programme at Nuremberg Tech is the right choice for you!

During your studies, you will learn how materials and technologies are developed which are then used in medical engineering, aerospace, and other exciting areas of application. Aspects such as quality, environmental compatibility, and economic efficiency play an important role here. Competent minds from the field of materials engineering are accordingly in high demand in all technical sectors.

We attach great importance to an intensive and versatile education with a focus on exciting applications. Almost every professor is working on innovative research projects which have even made it to Mars. Early in your studies, you will have the opportunity to become part of the research teams and to work first-hand on the innovations of the future.

Interesting and inspiring glimpses into the programme are included in the Faculty of Materials Engineering’s videos. (in German)

Bachelor of Engineering
Program duration
7 Semester
Admission restrictions
Subject distribution
Special features
  • One of the few degree programmes nationwide in which you receive a fully comprehensive education in all materials fields (metals, plastics, ceramics, composites, nano and surface engineering etc.)

  • Very wide elective options in your degree: After a comprehensive basic education, you can focus on your “favourite materials” and enrich your studies with attractive required electives.

  • State-of-the-art laboratory equipment

  • Excellent supervision ratio

  • Very high practical component and very strong application orientation

  • Strong research orientation already during the degree programme and, if interested, collaboration in attractive research projects

  • Excellent contacts in the industry enable a smooth career entry.

  • Advanced master’s degree programme

  • Intensive contact with domestic and foreign universities, which enable consortial doctorates for the best students

Interesting numbers and statistics

80-100 first-year students; excellent ratio of professors to students; very low drop-out rate

Testimonials: This is how our students rate the degree programme on StudyCheck (in German)

Admission semester
Winter semester
Beginning in the summer semester is only possible for transfer students starting at a higher semester (application period: 15 Nov - 15 Jan)
Application period
For the winter semester: 02.05.2024 to 15.08.2024
Dual system options
Dual Materials Engineering
Materials Engineering
Prospective degree programs
New Materials, Nano- and Production Technology (M.Eng.)

More information

Detailed information about the curriculum of this programme is available in German. Switch the language toggle in the upper right corner.

More information

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For the bachelor’s programme, there are formal requirements that you must fulfil in order to be able to start the degree programme. There are also a number of personal requirements that you should meet.

Formal requirements

Overview of all recognized language certificates (pdf in German)

  • Required language certificates:

    The language of instruction in this degree programme is German. Applicants with a different native language who do not hold a German bachelor’s degree and have not completed a German-language education at a higher education institution must provide one of the following certificates:

    • German Language Examination for University Admission for foreign applicants (DSH level 2)

    • Test of German as a Foreign Language with above-average results (TestDaF; level 4 or higher in all 4 parts of the examination)
    • Telc German C1 University

Personal characteristics and skills

  • Curiosity and interest in engineering issues
  • Pleasure in practical work
  • Interest in materials and substances

Common stumbling blocks

  • Necessary stamina: For experiments in the laboratory, for example, it is necessary to engage with a task over a long period of time and to be able to deal with setbacks
  • Foundation subjects: mathematics, physics and chemistry

How do my skills measure up against the program requirements? How do I prepare myself?

Are you unsure whether Materials Engineering is the right degree programme for you? Nuremberg Tech offers you a range of services to help you find out exactly that.

Inside view from students

Studi-Talks: Ask those in the know! (in German)

Testimonials at www.studycheck.de (in German)


You can check directly online whether this degree programme fits your skills and interests.

Trial lectures

Attend our trial lectures in the Materials Engineering degree programme. You can get a first impression of a lecture in this degree programme and experience the atmosphere at our university live.

Trial lectures (in German)

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