Our Faculty of Materials Engineering Student Body

What is the student body, the Fachschaft?  

The student body is made up of all the students of a particular Faculty. The “active” student body, however, consists of those students who are active within the student body.

Active student body

Student representatives:

  • Johanna Graml: Student representative on the Faculty board
  • Jonas Jenkner: Student representative on the Faculty board
  • Markus Wiedner
    Markus Wiedner
  • Nora Zieler
    Nora Zieler

Co-opted members:

  • Christopher Gund
    Christopher Gund
  • Noah Loskarn
    Noah Loskarn
  • Jonas Jenkner
    Jonas Jenkner

What does the Fachschaft do?  

The student body represents the students’ interests on the various committees at Nuremberg Tech. It organizes events and parties for new students to get to know each other. The induction day for first-year students is also organized by the student body together with the professors. In addition to this, the student body strives to foster understanding between professors and students in discussions. It is, so to speak, the “mouthpiece” between the two parties.    

How can I contact the Fachschaft?  


Office hours:

Thursdays from 1 pm to 2 pm and by prior arrangement (please send your request and arrange your appointment in advance by email) / Location Wassertorstraße – Room WB.002