Information for pupils and secondary school teachers

Study something special? But with a future and good professional prospects!

At the AMP Faculty, we offer undergraduate programmes that stand out, but also result in important contributions to society and provide excellent professional prospects for graduates.

In southern Germany, #Journalism of #Technology can only be studied with us at the Ohm.  Without question, technology, research, and innovation are increasingly important in society. But: it must all be explained, discussed, and considered. And all of that in different formats and channels, whether it be social media, podcasts, magazines, or videos. Our students learn all of this, so they can later work as journalists, press speakers, marketing managers, or influencers. But with the necessary skills in tech, research, bits, and bites. So, “something with media” – but with relevance and tech.

Our Applied #Mathematics and #Physics undergraduate programme is also something special. We do not focus on theory, but "applied" stands for exactly what we concentrate on: Practical relevance and direct implementation, and this on current technical topics. Modelling, simulation, optimization, machine learning, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, renewable energies, medical technology, lasers, industrial computed tomography and photonics - you can learn all this and much more on our degree course. This will prepare you for the jobs of the future in business and research.

Still undecided, but curious?

You, or teachers with their classes or groups, can get a peek behind the curtain at various events and programmes. From trial lectures to projects specifically for student newspapers, collaboration in ‘Wissenschaftswochen’, or many other formats...

We will welcome you at:

Events or programmes for mathematics / physics / journalism of technology

Below are events and programmes that happen regularly or can be offered upon request for groups or school classes.

Trial lectures

Secondary school students can participate in regular lectures from our programmes in Applied Mathematics and Physics and Journalism of Technology. The times and dates are determined each semester in the course schedules: If you are interested, please send an email to: ingo.dienstbach(at)

Workshop: “MINT in Schülerzeitungen” (STEM in student newspapers)

This workshop is designed for editorial staff of student newspapers, blogs, radio stations, or podcasts or is suitable for secondary school “Projektwochen” or “Wissenschaftswochen”. More information is available online.
“Wissenschaftswoche” (Science weeks at secondary schools) The AMP Faculty is happy to support secondary schools in their “Wissenschaftswoche” in the areas of computer science, mathematics, physics, and technology or science journalism. More information is available online.
Information events We are also happy to provide information about the Applied Mathematics and Physics and Journalism of Technology degree programmes in a school visit or during orientation events or visits to our university. If you are interested, please send an email to: ingo.dienstbach(at)
“Studieninformationstage” at the Ohm

Our degree programmes are represented at the Ohm’s “Studieninfotage”, an orientation programme offered each semester, with lectures and tours of our laboratories and studios. Further information is available online.