Electronic charger EA-PSI 9080-120 2U

The EA-PSI 9080-120 2U is an electronically programmable DC laboratory power supply unit with a maximum output of 3 kWel. Among other things, it includes an extremely powerful FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) control unit with a resolution of 16 bits. The output stage is flexible, whereby operation with a high output voltage or, optionally, a high output current is possible within the rated power. The multi-functional operating unit features, for example, a function generator with predefined waveforms and a U, I and P(R) display resolution with up to 4 digits.

Electronic load EA-ELR 9080-340

The EA-ELR 9080-340 2U is an electronically programmable DC load with a maximum output of 7 kWel. It includes functions such as the four typical control modes CC, CV, CP and CR. The regenerative function converts the DC power supplied into alternating voltage, and feeds it back into the local power grid. This almost entirely eliminates the otherwise usual generation of heat, and therefore saves power costs.

Refrigeration technology test bench

The test facility for refrigeration technology allows simulated and optimized component designs to be compared and validated. Trials of innovative control algorithms, heat exchangers and refrigeration compressors based on real conditions reduce the development time in industry, as every component can be tested against components connected in parallel without any conversions. Temperatures, pressures and mass flow rates can be recorded with utmost precision and a high temporal resolution. The volumetric flow rates and temperatures of the secondary fluids can be set to cover a wide range.

Thermal imaging camera testo 872

The thermal imaging camera is ideally suited to a diverse range of uses in development and research.
At the same time, it guarantees fast and straightforward work in an industrial environment.

Measurement data logging system

The data logging system was designed and constructed in cooperation with students. The centrepiece is the real time-capable CompactRIO from National Instruments. CompactRIO allows measured variables such as temperatures, pressures, electric currents and voltages, among others, to be measured and to be used to monitor technical systems. An Ethernet interface is used to connect a measuring computer to the system. The measured values are integrated into a LabView controller on the computer.

Energy storage

Impedance spectrometer ZAHNER ZENIUM pro

For electrochemical analyses of batteries, rechargeable batteries and
fuel cells, and of high-impedance objects such as coatings and laminates.
A modular design and expansion cards allow the system to be upgraded to a universal
data logging and monitoring test bench.

Human-centric lighting


This handheld device allows an illumination level to be measured in Lux, for example to determine the daylight quotient in a room, or to record the quantity of light emitted by an illuminant.

Handheld spectrometer

The battery-operated spectrometer determines the intensity of the radiation that strikes the sensor in accordance with the respective spectral range. This allows the quantity and quality of daylight or artificial light to be measured for purposes of maintaining the health of the user.