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OHM-CMP is a research partner and service provider for applied research and development in the fields of chemistry, new materials, and product or process development in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region. The support provided to the business sector as a result of the development of new products and procedures should further strengthen the region and make it a more comfortable place to live.

The aim of OHM-CMP is to work towards sustainable development in terms of improved living conditions, environmental protection, and energy and resource conservation. The provision of support to small and medium-sized enterprises within the region and beyond is of particular importance to OHM-CMP. The institute also works on this at international level, in Europe and beyond.

OHM-CMP is conscious of the fact that the sustainable development of the business sector in the region is particularly important and that the primary means of achieving this is the further development and establishment of new technologies. In this regard, as part of the Nuremberg Institute of Technology, the institute is obliged to combine applied research and development with teaching in order to supply the business sector with graduates who are extremely familiar with state-of-the-art technologies.