Name Contact
Jens Albrecht Jens Albrecht
Prof. Dr.
Sabine Fromm Sabine Fromm
Prof. Dr. rer. pol.
Hans-Dieter Gerner Hans-Dieter Gerner
Prof. Dr.
Robert Jäckle Robert Jäckle
Prof. Dr.
Raphael Verstege Raphael Verstege
Prof. Dr.
Susanne Weissman Susanne Weissman
Prof. Dr.

Scientific employees

Associated members and partners

Advisory Committee

Name Contact
Andrea Gerlach-Newman Andrea Gerlach-Newman
Niels Oberbeck Niels Oberbeck
Prof. Dr.-Ing.

External members of the committee

Prof. Susanne Weissman (HS Mainz), susanne.weissmanaths-mainzPunktde,

Further information about Prof. Weissmann can be found on the Mainz University of Applied Sciences website.