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Our focus in social change is on the changes resulting from demographic change, developments in labour, digitising trends, and the requirements of the energy transformation. Issues currently being pursued are the challenges and development potential of rural areas, living space security, and homelessness in urban centers. We make our findings available to regional, national, and international institutions and companies for social and economic policy or economic purposes. We communicate and disseminate our content in the form of courses, publications, lectures, public events, and workshops.


Name Contact
Sabine Fromm Sabine Fromm
Prof. Dr. rer. pol.

Social change in rural areas, welfare mix, social participation and cohesion, neighbourhood, quantitative and qualitative methods of empirical social research, evaluation research

Name Contact
Frank Sowa Frank Sowa
Prof. Dr. phil.

Qualitative methods in empirical social research (in particular ethnography), divergent behaviour, social problems and social inequity, homelessness