As a competence center with a high degree of application relevance, empirical methods and analyses form the basis of our projects. We use our expertise for our research, and offer it to internal and external institutions in an advisory capacity. We have experience in the following areas:

  • Quantitative analyses, statistics, and econometrics
  • Economic and social policy evaluation methods
  • Behavioural experiments (especially field experiments)
  • Survey design (survey modes, sample design, weighting, etc.)
  • Questionnaire design
  • Development of behaviour-based social innovations (e.g. feedback systems, self-binding mechanisms, opt-in vs.opt-out design, etc.)
  • Analysis of opinions and trends in social media, online news, and similar digital sources
  • Qualitative methods such as expert interviews, focus groups, and observation
  • Instrument-based behavioural analysis and diagnostics (e.g. eye tracking, biometrics)
  • Ethnography


Name Contact
Jens Albrecht Jens Albrecht
Prof. Dr.

Data and text mining, machine learning

Name Contact
Sabine Fromm Sabine Fromm
Prof. Dr. rer. pol.

Quantitative and qualitative methods of empirical social research (survey methods, panel studies, evaluation, expert interviews, focus groups, etc.)

Name Contact
Robert Jäckle Robert Jäckle
Prof. Dr.

Field experiments, evaluation methods, survey methods, quantitative methods, behavioural design

Name Contact
Hans-Dieter Gerner Hans-Dieter Gerner
Prof. Dr.

Quantitative methods, especially statistics and econometrics, design of surveys, causal analysis

Name Contact
Raphael Verstege Raphael Verstege
Prof. Dr.

Quantitative and qualitative methods in empirical social research, especially in HR management, including instrument-based diagnostics, assessment evaluation, feedback/feedforward analysis (360-degrees), and training evaluation

Name Contact
Frank Sowa Frank Sowa
Prof. Dr. phil.

Qualitative methods in empirical social research