The Student Research Group (StuFo) has been active for over 10 years. Led by the professors, the students involved in this group work in the various labs at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Nuremberg Institute of Technology.

This opportunity is offered from the second semester to any students interested in conducting in-depth work under scientific contracts alongside their studies.

Students gain an insight into the latest measurement and calculation methods. In small groups and with a high level of personal responsibility, students work in fields of applied research and development in the Faculty’s labs.

The results of the entire group are presented and issues discussed during regular meetings. This allows for a cross-disciplinary approach.

The results can then be used as the basis for bachelor’s and master’s theses and offer an initial impression of the master’s degree programme offered here at the Faculty.

Student research group

At Nuremberg Tech’s Faculty of Civil Engineering, we are highly committed to applied research and development, and work continuously to expand this area. Our projects always involve partners from business or administration in order to strengthen the transfer of knowledge and technology.

Conducting our research to the corresponding quality standard requires not only promising concepts and well-equipped labs, but also the right people. The Student Research Group offers students an environment to learn the methods required for scientific work. By creating the Student Research Group in 2007, we were able to strengthen both the Faculty’s transfer of knowledge and technology, and the scientific advancement of talented students.

The StuFo is currently working on areas of applied research in the fields of concrete and building material technology, traffic and town planning, hydraulic engineering, and structural engineering. Work conducted here takes two lecture hours per week and is recognized as an elective.