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The Structural engineering lab offers students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering a suitable work area for carrying out tests in the field of structural planning. The lab offers the ideal conditions for determining the load-bearing capacity of joints and beams through technical tests, particularly for timber construction. For this, students have access to a range of suitable measurement instruments, including load cells and displacement transducers.

In addition, the lab also has three well-equipped PC workstations with an extensive range of relevant structural analysis and CAD software. Furthermore, the 3D printers available can be used to create models of previously calculated support structures or joints, which can then be used as visual aids for lecture purposes.

The aim is to provide students with greater practical relevance in the field of structural planning and awaken their enthusiasm for structural engineering. The lab staff are on hand to offer assistance if you have any issues with structural analysis, timber, steel or reinforced concrete construction.

The lab seeks to continuously share knowledge with the Building informatics lab on building information modelling and virtual reality. The aims of this are to develop various BIM workflows and exchange scenarios that allow for a planning process between owners, planners, and construction companies that is standardized to the greatest extent possible. Furthermore, the educational research conducted in this lab includes testing virtual building and construction site tours using VR headsets.

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