Fees and invoicing

For students at the Ohm, and students of cooperating universities all regular semester courses and those offered during the semester breaks are free of charge. 

Only students enrolled at other universities may register as external participants. Documentation of enrolment is required. Course fees are included in the course description.


Registration and assessments

A one-time system-registration is required for external users, including students of our cooperating universities. For this system-registration and to register for your language course, please use the Login option on the left.

You do not need to have completed the previous course or submit a certificate of linguistic proficiency to take part in a specific course. However, if you find a course to be too difficult or easy for you, it is possible to change to a different level at any time within the first week.

Ohm students

You must register in accord with the current regulations (§ 9 of the APO/§ 18 of the ASPO), if you want to sit examinations. You must register during the registration period online in StudyOhm, the university’s online portal for students. Each registration is only valid for the examinations during the current semester.
Link to StudyOhm: https://studium.ohmportal.de/

Cooperating universities

As students at cooperating universities do not have access to the Ohm’s exam registration system, you must register for the exam with your lecturer during the course.

Grades and participation certificates

The exam results will be sent to the Student Office by the grade submission deadline; for cooperating universities, these will be sent at the start of the next semester. In urgent cases, it is possible to receive this information from the Language Center in advance on production of a valid photo ID.

We are happy to issue confirmations of participation or certificates of linguistic proficiency for the courses offered by the Language Center at any time. However, as these certificates are not standardly issued for all participants, please send us a short request by email or telephone, or request one in person at the Language Center Service Desk. Please state your name, matriculation number, and the course number in your request.

Proof of linguistic proficiency for studying abroad

Students completing part of their studies abroad and therefore requiring proof of their linguistic proficiency (usually a DAAD certificate) can obtain this from the Language Center.
- The certificate is issued for the relevant level on the basis of an exam taken at Nuremberg Tech.
- If you have not taken an exam, it may be possible, in exceptional circumstances, to take an individual test of your linguistic skills with one of our language teachers. Please allow at least one week for this, including time to arrange the appointment.