Current Language Center projects


Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern (Virtual University of Bavaria, vhb)

Working together with the vhb, the Language Center is constantly developing new e-learning language courses and resources that are available to students throughout Bavaria. For an overview of the currently funded courses and ongoing offerings, please visit the webpages of the Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern.


Internationalization of Administration (SAVE)

Supported by the Bavarian State Ministry for Education, Culture, Science and Art.

Duration: 1 Apr 2016 – 31 Dec 2020


Aims of the project:
All administrative processes concerning international guests and members of the university should be reviewed with this target group in mind. This means having all necessary documents available in at least English. We need to develop the foreign-language and intercultural advice expertise and service focus of non-academic staff. The accessibility of the offices responsible for international services needs to be aligned more closely with the needs and requirements of this target group.

These project goals were derived from the workshop on the internationalization strategy at Nuremberg Tech
and the results of the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK) Audit on “University Internationalization” carried out in 2015.

The Language Center advises the various organizational units of Nuremberg Institute of Technology on implementing the department-specific internationalization strategy, and implements professional development measures to improve general language, university-related specialist language and intercultural skills as part of its internal professional development of administrative staff. Furthermore, relevant administrative documents are also translated into English at the Language Center.


Quality in teaching

The Language Center is part of the “Qualität in der Lehre [Quality in teaching]” project organized by the Center for Teaching and Learning at the university. The institute supports the project with the following measures:

- Study-related in-depth English courses for students with vocational qualifications

- In-depth specialist language courses as part of the German as a foreign language programme

- Courses on intercultural competence and key skills

- Support in the form of a “writing workshop”, for non-native speakers in particular

- Translation of lecture notes for foundation courses

- Development of English-language landing pages for prospective and first-year students