Messung am Institut ELSYS
Foto: EnCN Kurt Fuchs

Energy-efficient electric drive systems


Under the direction of Prof. Norbert Graß and Prof. Armin Dietz, work is carried out in a number of different research areas.

In the future-oriented subject areas of electromobility and smart grids in particular, a great deal of expertise and potential for innovation is to be found within power electronics components.

With the incipient energy transition in Germany, not only are smart systems required in order to make the best possible use of renewable energy sources and to store, convert, and feed the energy produced into the power grid, the degree of energy efficiency offered by power converters and drive systems also has a significant impact on the progress of this process.

In these areas of application, specific challenges are posed by fail-safe and robust data connection and the efficient management and control of the power electronics systems deployed.  Man-machine interfaces are also important when it comes to simple parameterization and intuitive operation. A clear display and the evaluation of measurement data are required for almost all applications.