Injection test bench

Key data:

  • Common rail diesel injection
  • Digital image capture (individual high-resolution images and high-speed recording)
  • Optically accessible chambers
  • Various types of injector can be used (magnetic/piezo injector)
  • Variation of ambient medium (injection into air/oil)
  • Fully variable injection parameters (pressure, duration, control cycle, etc.)

Measurement data:

  • Control parameters of injector
  • Camera parameters
  • Rail pressure
  • Spray pattern
  • Temperature (injector, chamber, surroundings, etc.)
  • Time stamp of recording (trigger settings)

Aspects and analysis:

  • Free configuration of the injector’s control parameters
  • Infinite variation of rail pressure
  • Testing the reproducibility of injection
  • Analysis of various environmental conditions
  • Analysis of various homogenization strategies