The concept behind the Institute

The Institute for Automotive Engineering (IFZN) is an applied research and development institute in the field of transport and logistics in the Nuremberg region.

Amongst academic institutions, it also occupies a leading position within the rail technology cluster.

Specializations – both in terms of the fundamental direction and in terms of practical aspects, the IFZN’s specializations have been and are in component analysis and optimization, and in systems analysis and optimization. The institute also specializes in test bench development, with a special emphasis on supporting component analysis.

As far as systems analysis is concerned, one of the IFZN’s major specializations is in the drive technology of motor vehicles.

Systems analysis and optimization mainly uses simulation methods in its various forms.


Institute for Automotive Engineering

Keßlerplatz 12
90489 Nürnberg

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Email: ifznatth-nuernbergPunktde