The core competences of the Institute for Automotive Engineering can be subdivided into the following areas:

Vehicle construction and propulsion

  • The drive technology of road and rail vehicles
  • Vehicle construction (road and rail)
  • Formula Student Electric
  • Vehicle configuration

Vehicle dynamics

  • HIL adaptive chassis simulation
  • Analysis of various driving cycles
  • Driving dynamics during test run

Combustion engines

  • Carburetion in engines
  • Analysis of the combustion process
  • Processes in porous structures
  • Exhaust emission test

Component and materials testing

  • Quasi-static, cyclical component testing
  • Development and construction of test benches

High-temperature processes

  • Combustion in porous reactors
  • Heat accumulation, thermal decoupling, and
    heat generation in porous structures
  • Exhaust emission test
  • Heat transfer processes