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About the project

Critical infrastructures (KRITIS) are important basic services for our society. Their failure can have lasting effects, including supply shortages, personal injuries, economic damage and loss of trust. These infrastructures are typically facilities organized under public law or operated by the private sector in different areas including energy supply, information technology and telecommunications, traffic and transport, water, food, and health. As complex large-scale technical facilities and cyber-physical systems, these critical infrastructures require a marked resilience and the associated early identification of security-relevant events.

One of the aims of the ISAKI project is to develop an IT demonstrator for the water supply division of Erlanger Stadtwerke AG (ESTW) as a user, which will provide illustrative indications of security-relevant processes and situations. ISAKI is designed to detect rare and unexpected anomalies as early as possible. These anomalies may be caused by crime, terrorism, accidents, natural disasters or similar threats and may go undetected or be detected too late by the existing control, regulation and guidance technology.

The collection, consolidation and analysis of structured and unstructured data is used to create a situation picture by taking into account sensor data, as well as data from other sources such as sovereign situation reports and social media platforms for the purposes of gathering information. The project aims to generate advances in the field, lay the foundations for the subsequent use of the results, and ensure connectivity in the areas of science, teaching, and commercial exploitation.

About the partner

The project, funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), is composed of an interdisciplinary team and combines user needs, research, experience and the interests of society with regard to the security of utilities. Erlanger Stadtwerke AG (ESTW), a regional public utilities company focusing on water and energy supply is participating as a user. The start-up, Traversals Analytics and Intelligence, is heavily involved in the development of the demonstrator and is providing the platform for this. Furthermore, the Central Franconia Police Department and are bringing their knowledge of security aspects and their existing experience to the project.