The following professors and employees are involved in research activities with the Future Engineering research group.

Prof. Dr. Ralph Blum is head of the Future Engineering research collaboration and the research group of the same name at Fraunhofer SCS. He researches and gives lectures on the topics of innovation management, industrial product and market development, brand management, and sales at the business faculty of TH Nuremberg. Moreover, he chairs the Innovationswerkstatt e.V., an association that supports project-related collaborations of companies, students and teachers in the field of corporate and business development.

Prof. Dr. Frank Ebinger teaches sustainability, innovation management, corporate social responsibility and social transformation at the business faculty of TH Nuremberg. He holds the research professorship for sustainability-oriented innovation and transformation management (NIT) at the Nuremberg Campus of Technology (NCT). Furthermore, he also researches how the development of transformation processes can be analysed from a growing database of public sources. In June 2020, he was appointed a member of the German EMAS Advisory Board.

Prof. Dr. Roland Zimmermann teaches data management, business intelligence (BI) and information design at the business faculty of TH Nuremberg. He carries out research on synthetic reasoning in BI systems as well as knowledge graphs and natural language processing for technology and innovation management.

Prof. Dr. Jens Albrecht teaches machine learning processes for the analysis of natural language texts in his lecture “Text Analytics” at the faculty of computer science of TH Nuremberg. In addition, he engages in various collaborative projects with the faculty of social sciences to investigate how knowledge from textual data can be used to support psychosocial online counselling. Within the Future Engineering research group, he applies his skills and knowledge particularly in the area of ​​extraction mechanisms.

Alexander Köhler holds a diploma in Industrial Engineering and has been employed as a research associate at Fraunhofer SCS since 2012. His focus is on data-based market and technology analyses as well as business development for new developments at the Fraunhofer IIS and in public research and industrial projects.