Infrastructure: AVL test bench - APA 202/10

  • Max. power at 4500 1/min

    Continuous operation, generative braking: 220 kW
    Short-term operation, generative braking: 276 kW

  • Max. torque at 4500 1/min

    Continuous operation, generative braking: 464 Nm
    Short-term operation, generative braking: 584 Nm

Measured values:

  • Exhaust gas temperatures

  • Composition of exhaust gas

  • Temperature of intake air

  • Illustrative measurement procedures

  • Combustion chamber pressure change

  • Torque/power at the coupling shaft

  • Injection parameters

  • Fuel consumption (dynamic fuel scale AVL 733 S)

  • Lambda

  • Humidity (humidity measuring device AVL IS)

  • Oil temperatures (oil conditioning AVL 554 outside, thermo elements within the engine)

  • Rail pressure

  • Turbidity figure (soot generation)

  • Cylinder head temperature and cylinder temperature


    For more information please contact:

    <link person bikas-georgios internal-link internal link in current>Prof. Georgios Bikas, Dr. -Ing.

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