“Interesting projects” - that is a frequently heard answer, when people are asked what they’d like to do professionally. We feel the same way. To keep projects interesting, one needs regular input from outside sources. We hope to provide this input to projects, but also hope to be on the receiving end. To initiate such projects, there are two ways to engage us in consultancy research.

Use of our field of research

We pursue our own research. Our research areas include using AR/MR/VR/XR to evaluate virtual prototypes, remote UX, and usability testing for technical devices as well as AI-based interaction and interface evaluation (see Research). If you have a project that fits into these areas of research or if you need support in these fields, contact us. We can explore possible collaborations together.

UX and usability consulting in research projects

Many research projects develop specific software and hardware. But even if the work is about research prototypes, topics like user experience and usability should not be overlooked. When both aspects are considered as early as possible in the development arc, the likelihood that a prototype will continue beyond the project phase is much higher.

We enjoy being partners in prototype development projects and provide advice and assistance by means of our know-how and experience with UX and usability. We can engage as a consortium member or in a consulting role. We offer expert assessment and methodical evaluation of your prototype, for example with user testing, to give you the best outcomes for your development project. Ask us.